Our Process

Our Process is Unique and Ensures a Quality Project Every-time.


Mapping out a plan.

1. Initial Inquiry

$ (Up to 1 week) 

UNDERSTANDING YOUR PROJECT.  Thank you for filling out our initial contact form. Our next step is to understand your vision behind your build. 


SCOPE OF WORK. Please tell us as much as you can about your dream project. Help us think like you, and your potential project. 


SHARING DOCUMENTS, PHOTOS & VIDEOS WITH US. For us to best understand your building project we’d appreciate you uploading the following: 


  • Existing documents that outline your project intent. Whether it be as simple as a sketch or more structured to that of architectural drawings or engineering plans. For a checklist of documents to upload click here.


  • Photos of your project or a video walk-through explaining what you want to do. For tips on making a quality video or taking proper photos, click here.
Step 1
2. We Evaluate Your Inquiry

$ (Up to 2 weeks) 


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the very best when it comes to high-end custom homes and renovations. From the beginning our hope is to create a mutually beneficial working relationship for both parties. We believe integrity counts - for that reason we will be honest from the start in communicating if we believe in the partnership. Our evaluation process relates to; project location, budget, scope of work, etc. If things change down the road, we are open to re-evaluating your project. 



When we are confident that we are the right fit for your build we will partner with you through our unique building process. To this end we will share more information via a password protected webpage that will not only enlighten you but will reinforce your decision to choose MGB as your builder. You will understand how we; work with you from start to finish; manage the building process with our BFP™ project management system; inform you of work completed with weekly documentation videos; and give you confidence in the quality of our skill and workmanship by including every detail.



We encourage you to do your “home”work by reviewing our firm’s project portfolio here. Understanding some of our clients’ unique and specific project - intents and how we execute them - will provide you with valuable insight, confidence and discernment as to why they chose to work with MGB and continue to recommend us through word-of-mouth endorsement. Knowing this will give you confidence in your decision to choose MGB as your builder. 



We will set up an introductory meeting to walk you through our comprehensive process and explain the software we use to execute your build. Prior to this meeting we encourage you to email concerns or questions that we can address.

Step 2
3. Project Details
Getting to Know You

$ (Up to 12 weeks) 

THE BETTER WE PLAN, THE BETTER WE BUILD. Once we confirm that we’re both in agreement to proceed with the project, we will send you a more detailed background information form that will help provide more details about you and your build. 


YOU PROVIDE DETAILS TO HELP US CREATE A PROPOSAL We’ve already obtained a lot of information to help move your build along. But there is never too much information. Here’s a checklist of all the documents you’ll need to upload so we can create a proposal for you.


WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED. Checking off all the items on the checklist can be intimidating. But we’re here to help support you through the process. Do you need an architect? We will suggest one that we trust and is compatible with your unique requirements. Unfamiliar with how interior designers can elevate your project? We only work with the best. We’ll gladly refer you to proven and reliable professionals that have collaborated with us over the years.

Step 3
4. Project Proposal Agreement
Our Mutual Commitment

$ (Up to 10 weeks)

WE NEED TO BE IN AGREEMENT. Our Project Proposal is a detailed and transparent document and is an important investment in your build. We request a non-refundable fee upfront to cover the time involved with creating your unique and exceptional proposal. Before we begin preparing it we’ll send you an agreement outlining what all will be included. This agreement provides you and us with the confidence to move forward in a very open, transparent and mutually understood direction.


SIGN TO PROCEED. If you agree to the terms as outlined, simply sign and return it along with the requested fee.  


WE PRESENT YOUR PROPOSAL. Based on the specifications, approved drawings, budget and other particulars, we’ll work with our comprehensive network of proven and highly reliable suppliers, and skilled tradespeople to cost out your project.Use this Project Proposal Checklist to help gather the correct documents. Your completed Project Proposal will give you a full breakdown of your project’s scope and cost, phase by phase, with the most accurate pricing possible for each itemized item. A dedicated project MGB team member will then review the Project Proposal with you, your architect, designer and engineer.


FEEDBACK AND REVISIONS. We’ll upload and give you access to your unique Project Proposal through our industry-leading BFP™ project management software. You can download and keep the Project Proposal for further review and evaluation. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality project that we all will be proud of and that understands and respects your budget parameters. If there are concerns about specific line items in our Project Proposal

Step 4
4.1 AgilityPlus Pricing

$ Hourly Rate for Pricing Alternatives (Up to 1 month)

WORKING TO FIT WITHIN YOUR SCOPE OF WORK. Unfortunately, revisions and changes are an expected norm in our industry. Making changes to appease your needs requires both time and effort. To make these adjustments in the Agreement document we retain an hourly fee for our associated time, while doing our best to work efficiently to accommodate and satisfy your requests. Our goal is to successfully finalize a Project Proposal that will exceed your expectations and allow us to move to the next step: Building.

Step 4.1


We start building your dream.

5. Preconstruction
Before We Start Building

$ (Up to 6 months)

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Step 5
6. Construction
Building Your Dream

$ (Up to 24 months)

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Step 6
7. Project Handover
Moving along and moving in

$ (Up to 6 weeks)

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Step 7

Whatever You're Planning, We're Here to Help You Make it Happen.

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