Don't miss these paint colours in 2019

Hey Toronto - are you planning some painting for your home?

If so: there are many parts of the painting experience to be planned and prepped for, from brushes and equipment, to setup and all the of painter’s plastic, to washing off paint-splattered hands afterwards. One of the most fun pieces of the puzzle can sometimes be one of the most befuddling: picking a colour.

The paint store can quickly become an overwhelming experience as you sort through hundreds of obscurely named shades of eggshell barely distinguishable from one another.

Another way of making your selection can be by keeping your eye on trends in paint colours. As for 2019: there are exciting things happening in the world of interior design, different colours and shades, and the beautiful rooms and spaces people are making happen in their homes. Let’s take a look at the paint colour trends happening in 2019.

Bathrooms (and other windowless rooms) - French Vanilla As befits the minimalist fashion of the day, neutral colours are popular - unobtrusive, soothing, and delicate shades that complement rather than dominate. One of the key notes in this popular palette is french vanilla. It’s a delicate, cream-coloured white with tinges of yellow that mimics the sun’s light, making it perfect for windowless spaces like small bathrooms. Another benefit: the lighting effect is also well-suited to create a feeling of spaciousness, which can help make the most of small rooms. 2019 is all about making the most out of the least - french vanilla is one of the colours emerging right now that does just that.

Bedrooms - One black wall

People often associate black with gloom and doom - but a number of beautiful designs showing up this year have demonstrated that a single black wall (tip: behind the bed works great) can do wonders when paired with white in the rest of the room. Solid, jet black isn’t necessary - pick something a bit softer, like black bean or charcoal, and the black-white contrast will make your furniture, bedding, and the other decorations in your bedroom pop. In 2019, people are using bold - but simple - contrasts to let their personality and unique bedroom decorations stand out. The results: unique and personalized bedrooms that impress with style.

Living room - Hazelnut

Relaxing, earthy, and rooted, hazelnut is a soft shade of brown that’s perfect for rooms where we relax - like the living room. It also pairs well with flora and other vegetation, which is perhaps part of the reason why hazelnut has been popping up in calming, plant-infused spaces all over this year. It’s important to have space in the home dedicated to relaxation and a gentle, soothing energy. Hazelnut draws inspiration from the natural world and is part of a 2019 trend to infuse calming, natural, and earthy energy in our homes.

Kitchens - Merlot

The name of this colour may influence us, but it’s definitely perfect for the kitchen. Minimalist style is filled with benefits: it helps declutter the house, makes rooms feel bigger, and allows us to focus on the furniture, decorations, and elements of our homes that we truly love. But some balance is needed, and a maximal, joyful colour for the kitchen is a great way to create it. The kitchen is where we meet, laugh, prepare meals, and cook up the magic in our homes - and the striking, dramatic merlot has been making waves as a shade that fits modern, sleek kitchens made for this social function. 2019 is a year for bold and beautiful kitchens, and merlot is one of the colours bringing them to life.

Hallways, foyers, and entranceways - Cavern Clay

Named the top colour of 2019 by Sherwin Williams, Cavern Clay is an exciting shade that draws inspiration from old world architecture, bohemian urban chic, and wild desert landscapes. It strikes a balance between too-sparse, flat browns and overpowering shades of chocolate, making it great for in-between spaces without heavy furnishings. This year, we’re seeing foyers and hallways painted cavern clay, complemented by a plant or two and some sleek lighting and simple furniture. It’s also been making some classy appearances in loft spaces, urban living rooms, and lounge rooms, paired with a diverse palette of decor and furnishing styles.

Office - Monaco

Despite its deep and striking colour, Monaco manages to remain neutral - albeit one that inspires focus and reflection with its powerful, ocean blues. Home offices are growing in number - and 2019 has seen monaco spring up as an energetic and balanced shade of blue that infuses our home work spaces with a meditative, elegant, and focused vibe. Monaco has also been making appearances in bedrooms and living rooms this year, but we think the office might be one of the places it’s best put to use. For those of us who make our careers happen within our home, it can set our workspace apart from our relaxation and social spaces, and make our office into a thoughtful, focused, and balanced place.

Lounge rooms - Argyle

Argyle is of a different bent from many of the minimalist, neutral colours en vogue right now - it’s a bold, energetic green that fills rooms with a fertile and whimsical vibe. It’s been spotted in lounge and living rooms - spaces great for relaxation that can benefit from the exciting energy of a shade like argyle. Lounge spaces can go in one of two directions: towards languid, earthy, and rooted spaces great for natural light and flora, or creative, eclectic rooms distinguished by a fresh, quirky paint colour and creative mixtures of furnishing and decorations to match. We’ve been seeing both this year, and we’ve fallen in love with the way argyle has been representing the latter.

2019 is an exciting year for home painting - there are some beautiful new colours making waves right now. Feeling inspired? Let us know what colour you’re thinking is right for your home!