Build the lake front property of your dreams

Build The Lake Front Property Of Your Dreams

Whether you want to build your own cottage, develop a lake-front property or simply erect your own home – you will find it more of a challenge than you ever thought possible. With a little luck and a whole load of planning these challenges can be overcome and you might just be left with your dream home... if you choose the right construction firm, of course!

Building your home is stressful, complicated and time consuming – so unless you are prepared for the battle it might be a better idea to have someone else build your home for you. In any case you will need an expert team to assist you with the logistics of the build or it will all go downhill fairly quickly. Cottages are tricky enough to build as it is – but what if your property is perched on water? How do you go about facilitating a waterfront build? We might just have the answers if you are willing to do a little reading...

Muskoka, Northern Ontario... Lake Front Properties Galore!

Muskoka is the prime example of an area where extensive building work is frequently carried out along the bay. With such a wet area it is almost always factored into the building of any structure – simply because subsidence would be an issue if it were not. Here at MGB Construction we are industry leaders in the planning and execution of lake front property development, so here are our tips for getting it right!

Strategic Management is the Key to Cottage Success!

For a seriously successful build you need to focus on managing each part of the process so that nothing gets out of control. When you choose to build your own custom home in Ontario’s vast north, be it Muskoka or Georgian Bay, you need to carefully plan, plan, plan and incase I didn’t say it plan some more.

Here at MGB Construction we use our intricate knowledge of solid foundations as a base for all of our potential partnerships – as well as for our buildings! Whether you have designed your own cottage or lake front property or whether you need help with the design process; we are at your service. From the very concept to the execution we can flawlessly present your new home with the minimum of fuss – and all thanks to our strategic management and great logistics skills.

The Challenge of Building Water-Front

The first challenge of building on the water front is land procurement. Waterside land is often expensive and can sometimes be protested, depending on native species and how strongly the residents feel about your building work. Land by the sea, lake or river is highly prized by every industry; so, if you manage to get your hands on it you are off to a great start.

The next challenge is designing your property. A lake side property in Muskoka might just be a dream up until you either put pen to paper or consult an architect. At MGB Construction we can help you with the design and point you in the direction of extremely talented architects.

Once you have designed your waterfront cottage you will need to plan the project from start to finish, organize which contractors and subcontractors you will need and develop a time frame in which the work will take place. During the building process things will become delayed, parts will not arrive on time and the weather might close down production all together. What you want is a time-served construction team that is capable of handling these situations to minimize your own stress levels.

After the contracts are drawn and the work has begun building so close to water presents its own challenges, independent of the usual custom home issues. The Economic value might increase the closer to the water you are, but things like creating firm foundations, laying pipes and operating electricity in your home must be taken into account. This takes extra planning and a contractor with experience. Contact MGB Construction today if it sounds like you might need us!

For properties on the water you need to be aware of flood zones because the last thing you want to do is build your lovely new home in the center of one. You can learn more about the Ontario Flood Plains and the policies surrounding them by visiting this journal from the Canadian Water Resources team. Keeping the water table protected should be as much of a consideration as protecting your house from the water table. A good contractor will already know the ins and outs of the laws for building waterfront properties and should be able to help you achieve your dream custom home.

You will also encounter the added challenge of providing your new home with some sort of elevation. Additionally, water land tends to be sold in smaller lots than inland plots are; so be ready to account for this in your design.

MGB Construction

When building your water front custom home in Ontario you may wish to consider hiring us as a specialist company of solid reputation and excellent craftsmanship. To see the evidence for yourself pop on over to our gallery and take a sneak peek at some of the work we have previously done.

We have years of industry-based experience in creating the perfect nuances that make your dream home come to life – be it on the waterfront, on the mainland, in the city or in the mountains – we can help you achieve your dream home with the aid of a lot of planning and a dose of good, old-fashioned hard work.