3D scanning what it is and how it benefits your project

 Find Out What Your Missing A Look At 3D Scanning

3D scanning is a technique that has been around for some time now, typically for surveying projects. It was only recently that they have discovered that there are numerous other applications for this technology, especially when it comes to new home construction and renovations. The fact is that 3D scanning can make a huge difference in your project for a variety of different reasons. This will take a look at what 3D scanning is and how it benefits your construction or renovation project.

What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is a process where millions of lasers are used to create an incredibly accurate 3D renderings of the space either before construction has taken place or prior to renovations. It can actually be used at several different steps of the construction process. The sensor cameras of the 3D scanning system can measure things like the change in thickness or angles as it moves around the space as well the time it takes the beams to come back to the sensor.

This data allows the scanner to make highly detailed calculations about the dimensions of the space and the spatial relationship of the objects. This data can then be used by professionals to create an accurate model of the space, ensuring  more accurate plans for construction. It can be particularly useful during the planning phase to avoid any conflicts with the architectural features of the home, such as ensuring that the plumbing doesn’t interfere with the HVAC system. It can be a good idea to repeat the scanning process through the different stages of the construction and renovation process to stay ahead of any problems that may arise. Anything can happen during construction, so it is important to do whatever you can to minimize these risks.

After the data has been collected by the 3D scanner, the data needs to be exported to the BIM. This is generally a manual process that needs the expert touch of someone familiar with the software and construction. There are some software options that offer semi-automation, giving a realistic and accurate image for the project. This is a versatile approach that yields amazing results in many different industries especially with construction and remodelling. 3D scanning can be used for both interior or exterior projects, making it a worthwhile investment for any construction company.

Benefits of 3D Scanning in Home Construction and Renovation

There are quite a few benefits of this technology when it comes to your project. This section will take a look at some of the biggest advantages that you can get from using 3D scanning.


Easily the biggest advantage that you can get is accuracy. With the lasers doing the measuring and calculations, it collects accurate data without human error. People can mix up measurements, which can have a negative impact on the scope of your project. You need this data to be accurate when you are planning out the project to ensure that your plans are accurate when mapping out them or and purchasing materials.

Gives a Realistic Picture of the Project

The problem with blueprints is that while it gives a good mockup of the plan, you really can’t get a real picture of the project. This leads to problems that you may not have otherwise realized. There is less risk with the accurate data from the 3D scanning. The models you can create with the 3D scanning allows you to place things like pipes and electrical work in the plan, which will allow you to see anything that may cause problems. Maybe the piping interferes with the electrical box. Maybe the cabinets don’t fit the way you originally thought in the kitchen. These are things that you may not figure out until you get started without 3D scanning.

Better Information to Give Customers

Since the information is more accurate during the planning process, you can get better information about scheduling the projects and giving estimates. One of the biggest issues that come up during the construction or renovation project is that deadlines are missed and budgets are blown up. As a company, it is important that you give your customers the best possible information from the start so that you give an accurate quote. You don’t want to quote a specific price and going way over budget on the project. Unforeseen problems that come up through poor planning can also affect the completion date of the project.


Efficiency is great for all parties involved. For customers, efficiency means that the project will be more likely to be completed on time which will make them happy. From a business perspective, efficiency means that you can move through projects quicker, earning your company more profits. There really is now downside from an efficiency standpoint.

Better Records for the Future

When home owners or building managers want to do future renovation work or need to do repairs, breaking into walls can be a risky endeavour because they don’t really know what’s behind the wall. However thanks to 3D scanning and the BIM, these detailed plans can be given to the customer or property manager so that they have these plans on file. This allows them to better plan renovations in the future or help them more efficiently handle any repairs that need to be completed.


3D scanning has been used for a variety of different purposes for a long time now. There are quite a few benefits for using 3D scanning for your next project. The data that is collected by this equipment offers accurate details so that you can better plan your project. It is an efficient approach that minimizes the typical risks that come with construction projects. For customers, getting more accurate data upfront means that you have a better idea for costs and timeframes when receiving quotes from contractors. 3D scanning is the best way to go about any construction project, which is why this is something to look for when choosing a construction team for your next project.