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What's Trending in Home Automation Systems?

2018 was a fabulous year for home automation systems, with more and more top electronics brand names getting in on this well established and growing market. From Savant to Samsung, we have perused some of the best in trending home automation services to save you time. Read on to find out who ranks best.

Home Automation Technologies are Advancing Fast!

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular as the modern world becomes more and more digital. Home automation allows you complete control of your house whether you are in it or not with remote adjustments controlled (usually) from a mobile app. Systems can be set and checked from afar while extra issues (such as the safety and security of your property) are covered by the use of motion sensors, alarms and other methods of electronic detection.

The Smart Home is the newest way to live. It connects all of your appliances digitally and allows you to operate anything you need at the touch of a button.

What are the Best Systems?

Unsurprisingly, the best systems come from either the biggest electronic home-ware brands or the small, individual and specialist makes. Let's take a closer look at some of those named best in 2018 and compare them side by side.

What should I consider before Choosing?

There are numerous things you should take into consideration before you make a final selection on home automation system. Controls are a good starting point. Many home automation systems can be controlled through touchscreen systems of their own. The Smart Thermostat is a good example of this. Keyless entry is one of the preferred features of automation technology, and often relies on a key fob system.

Mobile application is the favoured method of control by far, as this allows you to remotely control all automated systems even if you aren't in the home. As well as control options, you have a number of optional extras in terms of security and safety. Security cameras and video doorbells are some perks of home automation, as are smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Some systems even have water leak detection systems and can identify users or “hosts” based on user data.

Finally, if you want a system that is in control of your entertainment systems then home theatre, surround sound audio and intercoms are all part of the package. What you need from a home automation system all comes down to how you live your life – but we guarantee that digitalising the small stuff leaves lots more free time for you!

Most on-trend home automation system - Samsung SmartThings

Such an established firm with such a vast research and development department couldn't help but produce one of the most treasured home automation systems of the year. The SmartThings system incorporates all sorts of different technologies with the care of your home – motion detectors and water leak sensors, for example.

Optional extras with this system include a Smart lightbulb, a video doorbell and a Netatmo Smart Thermostat, as well as the standard video camera recording and Yale keyless entry. Customers are not enthralled with the product set, but they do rate certain aspects rather highly.

Pros of Samsung SmartThings:

  • Compatible with other Z Wave products such as Fibaro and Alexa
  • Great for beginner's; easy set up and easy to use
  • Battery operated devices with good battery life
  • Bonus vibration and temperature sensors

Cons of Samsung SmartThings

  • Issues with sensitivity of the various sensors
  • Disconnection issues for some users
  • Delay in motion sensors
  • Potential issues with the alarm systems

Most Luxurious Home Automation System - Savant Smart Home Automation

A well-known name in the home systems industry, Savant have produced Home Automation throughout the entire house. This has made them one of the more popular systems of the year. With a slightly more “luxurious” price tag than certain other models this is a trendy system aimed at designer spaces.

Savant Home Automation includes all sorts of top-line extras. This includes lighting and climate adjustment, home audio and theatre systems, entry systems, multiple host registration and numerous other little optional extras that make this system a cut above the rest. For Toronto Smart Home Systems Savant really go the extra mile.

Pros of the Savant Home Automation System:

  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Multiple versions that ensure compatibility with multiple devices
  • Can easily control multiple Smart systems at once without range issues
  • Works with the newest versions of OS

Cons of the Savant Home Automation System:

  • Can take a while to set up/decipher
  • Some issues with unresponsive servers
  • Some commands cannot be voice activated and require the control
  • Not the best support department

Most affordable Home Automation System – The Nest Home Automation Range

Although not a conventional home automation system, Nest provide ample products that you can install yourself and save a little cash on. We also like that you can start with only one or two of their range and build up as and when you can afford it. The individual prices make Nest simultaneously the best and the worst priced however, since if you bought the whole range you would find yourself out of pocket.

All that being said this system allows you to pick and choose which aspects of home automation you particularly want rather than giving you all of them at once which you might not use. Each product connects to the other and yet runs separately, allowing you to network or not. Nest gives you a lot of options for all it is a seemingly limited system.

The Pros of the Nest:

  • A wide range of products, include video doorbell, thermostat and energy controls and video entry,
  • Cheapest parts and can be self-installed.
  • Good range and connectivity with interchangeable products,
  • Full control over what automation systems you need and what you don't.

The Cons of the Nest Range:

  • Although the cheapest individually, the combined price when the whole set is purchased runs high.
  • Slightly less compatible with other Z Wave products than other systems.
  • More time consuming to set up and connect.
  • Little to no “luxury” features.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned before – the complexity of your home automation system depends entirely upon your own needs and wants. As we move forward into 2019, we can expect to see Samsung remain in poll position – at least for the time being. In the coming months more and more brands are going to turn their expertise towards this remarkable technology and we predict that this coming year will see some huge leaps in automation technology.