You owe it to yourself to hire a CHBA-BILD member

How You Benefit when your Contractor is Canadian Home Builder Association Verified

Since 1943 the Canadian Home Builder's Association has sought to improve communication across the residential home building community. By engaging with one another, networking ideas and sharing legal information and guidance it is able to provide help to every home owner right when they need it most – during a renovation or when you have to choose a contractor. 

What do the Canadian Home Builder's Association Do?

The CBHA seeks to improve everyone's chances of having a fuss-free renovation. They do this by sharing hints and tips, guidance and information and by pointing you in the right direction to where you can get the information you need, should they be unable to provide it.

By connecting all the local builders, contractors and renovators under one united banner, the association is able to give practical advice on the common pitfalls associated with buying, selling, renovating and building. MGB Construction are an accredited member of the CBHA and regularly partake in its services to provide the most knowledgeable service possible.

CBHA – Assisting Toronto Renovations Through Partnership and Knowledge Sharing

Naturally, when you become a member of an organization such as the CBHA your ability to complete Toronto renovations with both style and flair increases ten fold – not least because member firms have instant access to a plethora of design ideas and industry leading construction knowledge.

What Being a CBHA Member Means

MGB Construction have found that building our Toronto Custom Homes is much simpler when you have the backing of the association behind you! Membership means that we can engage in monthly networking meetings, seminars and awards programs. It encourages friendly competition and allows members to benefit with having a voice on local government.

Not only are member firms represented better in terms of government regulation and policies – they also have better standards, adhere to all health codes and follow environmental procedures all in line with CBHA parameters. When you hire a renovator or a Toronto based contractor for your home building experience, you want to know that your contractor has all of these things – and more!

Members of the CBHA have the backing of a $128 billion industry along with 8,500 other member companies to draw experience and knowledge from... perhaps the question ought to be why you would choose not to hire a CBHA listed firm?!

How this benefits you!

There are a number of ways that choosing a CBHA registered building contractor or renovator can help secure the future of your Toronto renovation. First of all, there are a few standards that the simple act of membership ensures in your workmen. To become a member you must have a registered business with all of the appropriate insurances. This means that, should something go wrong, you are covered for any incidents.

Safety is another huge area where member stand out. Safety standards among members are kept high to ensure regulatory compliance at all stages of the building or renovation project. The Association also advises on building law and permissions, so if you choose to work with a member of the CHBA you know you can rely on them for all the most knowledgeable regulatory advice. Of further benefit to the client is the online platform that contractors can use to follow trends in materials, check pricing, consult for opinions or simple browse photographs for inspiration. Members have access to all sorts of useful information that you won't be able to utilize should you go elsewhere.

Other benefits include:

  • Solely professional builders and contractors can join the CBHA. Hiring from among these professionals allows you a guaranteed level of commitment you can't find in other places.
  • All members voluntarily contribute to the CBHA. This means that they voluntarily submit to be part of the detailed ethics code that is based on the principles of fairness, integrity and consumer satisfaction (CHBA).
  • The Association provides training courses for members so they can stay ahead of regulations, trends and technology – and up-to-date contractors are safer, faster and use better equipment than those who are not regularly trained.
  • Members have instant access to thousands of other minds, ideas and skills – all they need do is ask!
  • The honest integrity with which the CBHA operates is renowned throughout Canada,

Asides from anything else, dealing with professionals from this association allows you the safety and security of knowing you won't get ripped off. CBHA builders will never leave a contract unfinished, will always work fairly and will be on hand should you need any follow up work in the future.

How can you tell if your Renovator is CBHA Registered?

Any member of the Association ought to wear their badge with pride. However, the Association visibly publishes a list of all their members so that you can double check. If you are in any doubt about a builder or renovator's authenticity in terms of claiming to be a member, you can follow this link to their site, enter the firms name and check for yourself.

Remember, hiring a registered member gives you greater security and control over your project. Choosing the correct contractor for you can be a tough business when you don't know where to look. Every year dozens of cases similar to this one, from Money Saving Expert, sees building jobs left unfinished while rogue builders take the money and run. When you choose the CHBA you eliminate that possibility.

MGB Construction and the CHBA

Here at MGB Construction we are strategic worksite managers of distinction. We voluntarily partake in membership of the Canadian Home Builder's Association because our top-quality standards match their top-quality codes of conduct. As specialists in Toronto based custom homes it is our ideal to create comfort and style for all of our clients – without any fear of a job gone undone.

Hiring from MGB Construction allows you the peace of mind you can only get from choosing an Association member. From honesty and integrity to fairness and equality, from start to perfect finish, every time.