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Landscaping Trends

No one can really predict the future, and landscaping is so diverse as everyone’s backyard has different characteristics that need to be accommodated for. One backyard may get a whole lot of sun, whilst another enjoys the evening sun only, which would mean different priorities for both of those spaces. But general trends can be seen rising and falling from year to year and some new left-wing ideas come out of the blue that blow potential landscaping homeowners away.

When it comes to landscaping your property, you need to consider what you use your outside area for. It is very big and brave right now to remove your lawn. It is not only a massive plus in conserving water, but lawns require so much maintenance and plenty of chemicals in order for it to look respectful. Join the revolution and replace your green space with something more interesting such as a mix of cacti, succulents and grasses amongst rocks and walkways or simply try to encourage wild flowers and herbs onto the ground.

Furthermore, emerging trends are pulling towards utilizing your outside space, creating a private outdoor space, rather than preserving it as a lawn with a border of flowers or vegetables. Outdoor entertainment is now on the top of many homeowner’s renovation list with interesting shelter from both rain and sun, large patio spaces that feel like an extension of both the home and of the yard. The amalgamation of both indoor and outdoor really completes the feel of the entire home and brings with it a genuine flow. Here below is a list of some of the key points on the hottest trends in landscaping designs this year.

Concrete steps.

Concrete has always made for a bold statement, and emerging trends seem to be putting the concrete steps with a modern twist right back up there. ‘Floating’ steps have been seen more and more in the landscaping world, a concept you should see for yourself. You will certainly take a double take when looking at these steps. The beauty in them is that you are not stuck with a solid line of concrete up to your door or through a pathway, but the flow of concrete is broken, allowing for greenery to make its way back in. Truly a great use of the versatile concrete and a trend that is certainly right now.

Patio stones.

One way to minimize the lawn mowing without entirely removing the front yard is the introduction of patio stones. They break up an otherwise monotonous field of green and the sky is really your limit when it comes to design, shape and size. On trend this year seems to be more is best. The use of stone is naturally attractive and draws the eye. Warmer colors are in, giving an earthy feel to perhaps an otherwise cold space. Also trending this year for your driveway or patio are permeable pavers. These stones allow water to pass through and re-enter the ground-water as well as help you to manage storm water more efficiently. They are nothing new, but now come in a vast array of funky and unique designs.

Heated driveways.

Heated driveways have a single purpose and one you should certainly all know about – snow removal. This one little addition to your landscaping design could save you years of work every winter. They work by a series of tubes that pump heated water and antifreeze through them once temperatures drop. They can be installed under concrete, pavers or permeable pavers, asphalt and various other materials. The cost ranges between $12-$35 per square foot and you can decide for yourself whether the time it takes each year to shovel snow is worth it for you or not. There seems to be little need for repair which is great news, but don’t forget it is an automated system and costs arise as you use it. They are easy to customize and of course you can place it wherever you like, not only the driveway.

Cantilevered step.

There are many modern and sleek cantilevered step designs available, including the floating staircase that we spoke about earlier as a concrete step trend. Cantilevered steps do not only need to be floating with minimal material used, you can also make a bold statement by designing an outdoor staircase that is bold in its cantilever form. Landscape lighting.

Here is where you can really make the most of your space and everything within it. Enjoy your natural space during the evening as well as in the day with these trendy ideas for landscape lighting.

Rope LEDs are used accent garden walls or to divide up spaces in your back yard. Using rose LEDs to define a walkway is the more modern approach to those solar lights planted every few feet guiding you through the garden.

Using a spot light to highlight the branches and leaves of large or small feature trees on your property adds character and value to your home. It draws people into the beauty of the tree that they never quite saw during the day. Enjoy for yourself nature’s own statement piece.

Outdoor fireplaces and braziers that couple as pieces of art are also trending. Have a look for yourself for hanging fireplaces and heated walls in your patio that set a tone of elegance meets warmth meets originality.

When it comes to landscaping designs, you need to look at the space you have available and work with what you have. Consult a specialist for ideas and to see whether your dreams can become reality. The trends we are seeing are bold yet respectful of the space.