Latest Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Remodeling any part of your home is a big decision. It is undoubtedly a good one, as revamping any space adds value to your home, increases comfort for you and your family and not to mention is it enjoyable to change up the spaces you live in. The bathroom is a big renovation and one that is best to do at a time that you have put aside specifically. It is wise to get the job done properly first time so that nothing comes back to bite you a few months down the track. Consider that your bathroom renovation is going to take time, money and resources. But the end result can really make a home, as the practicality and functionality of your bathroom space adds value and comfort.
As we progress into a more technologically savvy world, our choices in how we live have become as unlimited as our imaginations. We have a global audience in which to bounce ideas off and gather information, we are more ecologically savvy and bolder and edgier in our decorative choices. Here are some of the latest trends in bathroom renovations to inspire your next bathroom do-over.


Gone are the days of the standard pedestal sink you find at your grandams house. We are all about inventive storage space these days, which include sinks being built into fantastic looking cabinetry that is both stylish and practical. Open shelving offers a trendy and airy feel and can divide up a room in a sleek and sophisticated way. There is a rising love of all things natural and organic, and this can be seen in the bathroom trends as well. Neutral colors are always a hit in the bathroom, but whites and greys are on their way out and nature greens and warm browns and wood tones are in.

Counter tops.

Even as bathrooms are generally becoming smaller and more space effective, the cabinetry and countertops are growing in size. The convenience of having a counter top in your bathroom as opposed to the standard pedestal sink outweighs the space it occupies. Trends this year for countertops doesn’t seem to reflect the need for practicality, natural stone tops with natural stone sinks as one piece are what’s really trending this year. The bathroom countertop is one of many statement pieces in the modern bathroom. Don’t miss the opportunity to with plain white counter tops.


Many bathrooms enjoy the sleek finish of tiles from floor to ceiling. Consider looking into underfloor heating as cold tiles are transformed into a warm and inviting bathroom experience. You will also benefit from reduced noise and possible reduced allergens due to less dust disturbances. Unique tile shapes are seen more often as manufacturers are able to wow us, and not only on the floor but on, shower walls and even as ceiling accents. The 3D tile is making a comeback from the ’60s in a modern and funky way, adding some character and quirkiness to a trending bathroom. Colors are organic and neutral in the bathroom, on your accent wall, experiment with a wood tone or sporadic pattern to keep with this trend.

Fixtures Shower drains.

When looking to remodel your bathroom, you might think that choosing a few aspects to change will be enough and to keep some pieces simply as they are. But once you have remodeled any room, you come to understand that a seamless flow can only really be achieved when all aspects of the room have been considered. Your shower and bath fixtures are some of the most essential bathroom necessities, and as such, should be given full consideration.
Faucets and shower controls with copper, bronze, gold and black finishing take a step away from the ever-present metallic feel in a bathroom. These colors have really been trending, it looks like they are here to stay. Linear drains have been gaining popularity, as they sleek and seamless spaces are always in style.

Bath accessories.

Keeping with the natural and organic trend that we see in the bathroom, expect to see plants and natural stone features throughout your bathroom, adding to that earth-like environmental experience. Choose plants and ferns that enjoy moisture and some warmth to take your bathroom one step further towards an atmosphere entirely its own.
Aging is not something we all like to think about, but when remodeling your bathroom, you should allow for the flexibility in enjoying this space for many years to come. The addition of grab bars near the toilet and shower never go amiss.


The bathroom mirror is an essential addition, and therefore becomes a statement piece in the space. Forget huge wall to wall mirrors that were meant to create a bigger space, instead opt for two side by side slimmer mirrors to break up the daunting feel a larger mirror can have on you. Some of my absolute favorite mirror trends this season include back lighting behind a floating mirror and recessed mirrors against a tiled wall.

Towel bars.

You are not limited for choice when choosing your towel bars this season, and the standard metallic rack has long left the scene. You still have many choices in heated racks should you so desire, but hooks, ropes and wood as decorative yet practical towel bars are currently trending. This is keeping with the natural theme that seems to be dominating the bathroom trend this season.


Lighting should be at that sweet spot. Not too harsh that it makes you feel uncomfortable in your birthday suit, but also not too warm either that you are fumbling in the shower for the soap. Back lighting against your vanity mirror as aforementioned is desirable, as are spotlights to highlight high use areas of your bathroom that you require.
A general note to add when you are renovating your bathroom is that quality is always trending. Ensure that you buy the best for yourself regarding budget, aesthetics and specifications to ensure that you have a remodeled bathroom that suits you for years to come.