Latest Trends in Kitchen Renovations

Remodeling any part of your home is a big decision. It is undoubtedly a good one, as revamping any space adds value to your home, increases comfort for you and your family and not to mention is it enjoyable to change up the spaces you live in. The kitchen is one of the biggest renovations in your home, and it is also one of the places where you spend most of your time, so you definitely will be adding those extra layers of appreciation and practicality when tackling this area.

When it comes to renovating the kitchen, there are no real short cuts. It is wise to get the job done properly first time so that nothing comes back to bite you a few months down the track. Consider that your kitchen renovation is going to take time, money and resources. You cannot do this one-half mast. Being the room where you spend a great deal of time, making masterpieces of your own, you need to ensure you are comfortable, it is practical and that you are inspired by your surroundings.

As we progress into a more technological world, our options have become as boundless as our imaginations when it comes to redecorating a room. We have a global audience in which to bounce ideas off and gather information, appliances become more streamlined and useful and we get bolder and edgier in our decorative choices. Here are some of the latest trends in kitchen renovations to inspire your next kitchen do-over.


You somehow can never have enough storage space in a kitchen, so cabinetry should be your first point of consideration. The cabinets are essentially the face of your kitchen, so you choose what style and feeling you wish to portray throughout the space with these. Wood as a material choice has never really left the trendy scene as it adds depth and warmth wonderfully to those clean lines.

If you are a master of simplicity, perhaps the two-toned trend isn’t for you, but we are definitely seeing a two-toned color trend this year in cabinets. It adds a little character to a sometimes-neutral space and lets you be a little playful in your color scheme. Push your comfort zone and get out of those plain white kitchens.

Open shelving brings in a light and airy feel in a kitchen and is definitely trending this year, allowing you to put beautiful kitchen ware on display and you also don’t need to hunt around, adding efficiency. We are also digging smart storage solutions, to hide away some of those appliances that clutter the countertop. Built in coffee makers seem to be on everyone’s wish list of late.

Counter tops

Neutral tones are still favored over bright blues or blacks when it comes to countertops, but some character has become desirable. Think a slab of white marble with a stunning streak of black struck throughout, or realistic veining. Quartz as your material choice still trumps, for its ease of cleaning as it is not porous like granite. It can be designed to look like natural stone and quartz designers constantly impress us with their creations.

Backsplash tile

The backsplash tiles this season is seen to contrast the neutral tones of the countertop to be your artistic outlet. Backsplash tiles are to be decorative, colorful and bold. The tile size can be seen increasing and homeowners are choosing to bring the tiling up to the ceiling rather than stopping at the cabinetry line. This really makes for a feature wall design. Tiles with finishes that resemble natural stone, wood, and marble are also a trend for those who enjoy a more natural feel in the kitchen rather than a bold color or design. Matching your backsplash with your counter top stone is a look we really love moving forward.


Now here you can really let your imagination and budget go wild. But when it comes to the staple appliances such as your fridge and dishwasher, stainless steel is still the product of choice, however matte black is back. The real trend seems to be paneled fridges and built in appliances, creating the most efficient and sleek look. Depending on the rest of your kitchen renovations, your appliances should blend in seamlessly either as a statement or not.

Colorful juicers are in and a must have for every kitchen countertop. Not only are you making a statement splash that just screams fun but with all the great health benefits of fresh juice, and a magnitude of varieties, having your juicer as a focal piece is a great way to remind yourself to make a glass every morning. With dishwasher safe parts and quick clean up, not much is stopping you.

Now is the time to jump on the instant pot bandwagon if you haven’t already. These ingenious inventions can cook anything from roast chicken to cupcakes and dramatically reduce the time you spend in the kitchen.

Light fixtures

Strip LEDs are making a magical appearance in kitchens, under or inside cabinetry to show off the cabinetry, along toe kicks as nightlights or concealed to awash the ceiling with lights. They are energy efficient, can come in a range of colors and you can get as creative as you want as to where you put them. We can’t forget the pendants over the island, let your imagination run wild for this, oversized fixtures and dramatic linear shapes are the top of everyone’s list.


Rose gold, copper, brass and black finishes on your cabinetry hardware, appliances and gadgets are seriously trending this year. They add a homely feel and look luxurious on top of any clean light or warm colors you have chosen.

Transformative taps are a great use of new technology. Not only can you make a simple tap a designer statement, but these taps produce sparkling water.

Some trends come and go, and some, like quartz countertops and LED ribbons as inventive lighting fixtures are here to hang around for some time. Consider the feel of the rest of your home when choosing what trends suit your kitchen renovation to ensure you have supreme flow from one room to the next.